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French Senior Marketing Manager 12 years experiences in Korea

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Personal Information

Birthday: Sep. 7, 1973

Sex: male

Military service: completed in France RMT Marine

(Regiment de Marche du Tchad)

Marital status : Single

Visa : F4


1992.09 ~ 1995.06 Universite de Poitiers UFR (Law) (Poitiers, France)

1989.09 ~ 1992.06 Lycee Victor Hugo High School (Math&Philosophy)

Computer Foreign Language Capabilities

Computer : skillful with IBM Lotus, Windows Series (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

English : fluent


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Education and career experiences in Europe, 10 years of everyday experiences in Korea and the recent job responsibility in Cameroun altogether enriched my career knowledge and experiences which have been accumulated over 13 years. In particular, I am continuing the specialized analysis and experiences regarding overseas markets especially centered in those of francophone areas, by having taken the responsibilities as a Cameroun branch office manager of Kocam Mining, a Korean go...